Eight Summer Mini Model Ideas


“We steak our reputation you will love living at ______.” Put out bottles of barbeque sauce and a gift certificate to a local steakhouse.

“We go to bat for you!” “Lay out in the sun and enjoy living here @ _____.” Kid’s pool, snorkel, floaties, sunscreen, flippers and goggles.

Deck Party: “Join us here at _____ where every day is easy living.” Citronella candles, little cooler with drinks inside, plastic chairs, plastic tables, inexpensive potted flowers.

“Celebrate Your Independence at _____.” American flag, red, white and blue colors, sparklers, cotton candy.

Fourth of July Picnic: “Everything is a picnic @ ________.” Red, white and blue chairs, picnic basket, stuff red, white and blue napkins in plastic glasses, red & white checked tablecloth.

“Life’s a Picnic At ____.” Blanket, basket, plastic silverware and plates. Or, bottle of wine/wine bucket, picnic basket, plates & utensils, bouquet of flowers, blanket, candles.

“Relax and enjoy life at _____.” Picnic basket with goodies/crackers, blanket, plastic fruit, sun-tea jar or tea mix, cute glasses.

Baseball: “_______ cheers for our home team.” Baseball cap, four game tickets, shirts, coolers.